Grid with high resolution when exporting midi?

Hi Music Lovers!

It was a few years since using Cubase. So when I’m back I have 2 simple questions:

  1. Possible to place/snap midi to a 1/512 grid?
  2. Possible to export this midi clip? (Apparently Ableton reduce when exporting midi files to a resolution of 96 ppq, which means a 16th note can be divided into 24 steps. 16 x 24 is only 256)

The ppq resolution can be set in the Preferences and in the MIDI file export dialog.

It can be between 24 ppq and 960 ppq.

I think the finest grid setting is 1/128 but that does not affect the resolution in the MIDI file. It is just the snap grid. Cubase’s musical display is By default ppq is set to 480, so you have 4 subbeats * 120 ticks per beat. In the Preferences/MIDI Display Resolution you can adjust the setting.

Ok! Many thanks Johnny

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