Gridfather issue

Im trying to setup gridfather in cubase. It’s a plugin that suppose to be able to send out midi on several channels. But sending different notes to each channel. The problem i have after setting it up is that the same midi is playing on each channel. I set it up like this gridfather outputs one midinote. I set up a serum channel
channel with gridfather as input.
On miditransformer i set filter target:channel conditon: unequal parameter 1 :1 and turn on the module.
On the other channels i do the same but just change parameter to corresponding channel. Am i missing something here since the same midi play on each channel? Very thankful for any help


Make sure, the MIDI Channel of the track is set to Any. If you set dedicated MIDI Channel on the track, this overwrites the MIDI Messages Channel. When you set it to Any, it sends out the MIDI Messages Channel.

Btw, do you know the MIDI > Dissolve Part function in Cubase?

Thank you very much, that might be the problem i believe i didn’t set the channel to any. No im not familiar to dissolve part function.
Kind regards Conny