"Grimmsberg", 3D-Mystery on Pro7, made with Nuendo

Hello folks,

just to let you know - the sound design, editing and mix to Germany’s first 3D mystery series “Grimmsberg” was made with Nuendo (4). Everyting went well, smooth, and me and the filmmakers are proud that the series has made the step from being “just” a web series to a Halloween prime time event shown together with the Simpsons Halloween specials this Saturday, 29th October, on German TV Pro7. After that it will be availble online in 2D and 3D, should any of you be interested.


If you live in Germany or Austria - tell your kids, nephews, nieces etc.! :smiley:

Should any of you care to watch, I’d be happy to get feedback on my work, also in terms of how it translates to web / TV for you.
Best regards,