Groobe Agent One problems

I have just started to explore GA One and think I may have come across a couple of bugs, one minor, one major.

I am layering a set of sounds on a pad, and control of each layer’s volume is fairly random. I will make an adjustment and perhaps it doesn’t remember it, or all layers get adjusted, or all layers bar one of them, or all the layers go to full volume. Triggering the pad with the mouse seems to change the volumes too.

Mute is the only volume setting that doesn’t jump around. Though it seems to get stuck in Mute sometimes. And I mean mute in the volume settings, not the M button on the pad.

This is from sounds I have loaded into GA One myself.

That’s the major one. The minor one is when I click a pad, changing position vertically to play through the layers, the incorrect layer is sometimes displayed as being triggered, though I hear the correct one.

I am using Windows 7 64bit.

Cubase is 7.0.5. 64 bit. GA One says it is version 64 bit

Found a few threads from people with similar issues, and it seems to have been an issue for years.