Groove A 4

I’m wondering if groove agent is getting a update to version 4

Sadly, there seem to have been enough consistent statements over the years from Steinberg to remove any hope of a version 4 seeing the light of day. Which is a real shame because I haven’t seen anything else that quite matches GA3’s ease of use.

I’ve just bought a copy of Studio Drummer by Native instruments (half price through DV in the UK at the moment) and I really like the way they present it as an add on to their Kontact sampler or Kontact 5 player. Given the emergence of Halion 4, it would be great to see Stieinberg take a similar approach - offer GA4 as an expansion pack to Halion.


At least an expansion for Groove agent One…??? draging single samples from the browser to the pads is really annoying…It would be nice if we could load the samples through the pad itself like LM-4 MKII…may be they can add a mini browser to these pads…

It seems that Steiny is starting to neglect all their VST instruments save for Halion. I started a similar thread about a potential Grand 4, and no one will promise anything. Such a shame since they can make some of the best virtual instruments I have ever seen. The Grand blows the competition out of the water, but that won’t help anything if it’s outdated. :neutral_face:

Groove A4!, Groove A4!, Groove A4!, come on fellas! GA3 is awesome, I just cant imagine what you cats would do with a GA4! Humour us, come on!