Groove Agent 1 does not recognize original CD

Hi. After being away from recording on PC for four years (saving money, etc. with my daytime job), I now have the luxury to go back to music and recording full time. This means re-installing and updating all software to Win7, etc.
Problem: when attempting to install the very, very first Groove Agent (1), with which I had several key songs recorded, once I put the original CD and installation starts… it asks me to put in the original CD! Duh, that is the original CD in the drive.

I’m running vaio laptop running windows 7 (64 bit); another vaio laptop running windows vista (32 bit) - the problem message I get is the same in both systems.

How can I correct or get around this problem?
thanks much,

I have the same issue.

Groove agent 2 won’t install without grooveagent 1 and groove agent 1 won’t install since the orignal cd wants the original cd inserting.

So annoyed.

Update. Got Groove Agent to install on my Windows 7 machine.

Here is what I had to do.

  1. Remove the modern Bluray drive from PC.
  2. Go into loft and find an old cd/dvd rewriter. Install that.
  3. Try Grooveagent disc aagin and it installed.

Finally. Now to see if I can get Groove Agent 2 installed.

Hi, I tried the old DVD writer, but I don’t think mine is that old - same message: Insert Original CD. This is very frustrating. Any one had another success for doing this? thanks

Sorry, the dvd writer trick didn’t work for you. That is frustratingly annoying.