Groove Agent 1..failed to locate 34 samples?

Hey guys! Ok, I have cubase 5 and windows 7. Im selecting presets from groove agent 1 and im getting the message ‘Groove Agent One failed to locate 34 samples’? Any ideas on how I fix this?

Many thanks


Are you by any chance running some kind of trial? If not, I would contact support and see if they can fix it. There have been 5-10 topics about Halion/Grooveagent not being able to load its own content, and to my knowledge there has never been a working solution despite the crafty suggestions of our wisest users.

If you do figure this out, please let me know the fix. This way I can pass the answer along and use the solution myself, since support wouldn’t help me on my XP (I did start a topic that never found a solution).