Groove Agent 1 - Split to Multitrack


Is it possible to split each sample (i.e., drum piece) to it’s own track with Groove Agent One?

I’d like to be able to use various on individual samples.

I know that I could resample them with the effects, but it’s more intuitive to just work with it live (no pun intended).

Thanks in advance your knowledge!



Groove Agent One is not multi-timbral instrument. So this is not possible. But you can load more Groove Agent One instances.

Yes You can.

And you give training LOL

Go to Devices, then go to VST instruments, a box pops up with empty slots, click the first 1, open Groove Agent One, and there is a little arrow next to the edit button which gives you the option to activate up to 16 outputs.

See the little arrow next to the edit button, click it and activate up to 16 outputs.

Then in GAO route each sample to one of the outputs.

So you told him how to sctivate the outputs. What you didn´t show was how to split single samples to those different outputs…

Yeah thats right, I did tell him something you told him couldn’t be done.

I didn´t tell the OP anything in this thread, check the nicknames again
But what he still needs to know is how to split the samples, so thexy go to the different outputs…

See where it says ‘Output ST1’

click on a pad then turn that knob to ST2 ST3 etc

Now you´ve got it…

Thanks for letting me know :unamused:

You´re welcome… :unamused: :mrgreen:

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Thanks for the tips everyone!