groove agent 1

I am using a roland a-300 midi keyboard and want to use groove agent as a sampler, playing notes fromt the keyboard to play samples I import from my material. is it possible? till now I can only enter my loops and play them once (in one shot) , I can not put them in loop. Is there a way?

Hi B,
It’s funny, I asked that question about 4 or 5 months ago. A slew of answers came in. My DAW has been down for a bit with rearranging in the home, etc. So, I can’t recall the best solution for me at the time. One popular one was copy and paste the sample over and over again. That worked for some, not well for others where the start of each was not in sync with the beat / tempo. I’ll see what I can find, but a search of the forum might do it for you. Good Luck. Ed

Hi B,
thanx a million
I think I give up on the groove agent. You know another groove machine compatible with cubase 6 that I coud luse to make samples and play them by playing a note on the keyboard (roland A-300 pro)
nevergiveupnevergiveup :mrgreen: