Groove Agent 101?

Hello All, I’m using Cubase 8 elements (been using Cubase ai before that for only 2 months).
I’m very new to recording but I’ve been able to get beautiful results with my guitars and vocals.
However, the drum agent has me stumped. I’ve read the manual and tried using it but I cannot even grasp how to record a track using the instrument pads.
Does anyone know where to find entry level resources for this software?

of course on youtube!

Maybe this one?

Hey Svengali, thanks for trying to help the lost cause that is me. I’ve watched this video and others like it. I just don’t get it - like they’re speaking another language.
Basically, I create an instrument track for the agent, press record, drum away on the pads and nothing records.

So you want to play the drums yourself or use the patterns / xy-control?

The patterns don’t make any sense so I was thinking of doing it myself.

I think I figured out the issue. In the inspector panel, after creating a Groove Agent track and selecting the Edit instrument function, one must still select groove agent as the midi input. Who knew? So now I can input my drums.