Groove Agent 2 - Equivalent kits in GA4

Long shot I know.

I started writing a song probably ten years ago. It got dropped by my band mid writing session.

It some point, I was using the Mini works kit in GA 2.

Since then I have rebuilt my music PC. I can’t find my GA1 disk and the GA2 upgrade won’t install without it, (even though the license is on the dongle).

I have just got GA 4 and was disappointed that the kits from GA1 and GA2 don’t appear to be there, so there appears no way to ressurect the drums for the old song.

Luckily I had rendered out as audio some of the midi track, but not all of it.

Any suggestions other than re-rendering with a different kit.

Ok found my original GA1 disk. Which won’t install with “Please install Groove Agent from the Original cd-rom”. Copying the cd-rom to the hard drive and running also fails.