Groove Agent 2


Is there a version of GA 2 that will work with Snow Leopard?


GA2 is discontinued and not tested on OS 10.6

However the installation from the GA2 disc should work. What issue are you experiencing?

I have a similar problem - no sound when on macbook’s built-in audio. GA2 installs partially. The 3 sound files had to be manually copied to the hard drive as they were nowhere to be found following installation. I created a GA2 Content folder, copied the 3 files from the CD to it and put it in the same place as my Halion content folder. Program runs, but no sound unless I’m using the Onyx 400F interface. Built-in audio snaps once when I open and again when I quit.

In GA2 preferences under ASIO device, I have the onyx and three built-in audios (built-in, built-in (1), built-in(2)). Only built-in is selectable (and snaps). I don’t have these repeat devices in Cubase or Halion. I have the latest versions of these and of Snow Leopard. So far, I’ve only tried GA2 stand alone.

Any suggestions on making built-in audio work would be appreciated. Hope this helps Dave.