Groove Agent 3 and Cubase 8.5. Must be in 32 bit mode.

I was having issues not being able to record midi events with GA3 and Cubase 8.5.
I contacted the guy that developed the JbridgerM for Mac and he told me to the issue could be resolved by opening Cubase 8.5 in 32bit mode. Groove Agent 3 is now recording midi events.

Just wanted to let people know.



The last official Mac OS X supported version is Mac OS X 10.6. Do you use this version or newer?

I would say, Groove Agent 3 was 64-bit too. If yes, use this 64-bit version, please. If not, you have to use some kind of bridge from 64-bit DAW to 32-bit plug-in. VST Bridge is in Cubase. jBridge is another commercial alternative.

Nope…GA3 is 32bit only and the problem the OP describes is what happens with bridging it.

Hi there cubase people.

i’m new here.been working with cubase for a long time and now for the first time i need help :frowning:
I installed JbridgerM on my mac. because a guy from lexicon told me to(i have a lexicon mx400 hardware and wanted to use the plugin for automation)
so i installed jbridge and i am not happy with it.and now i want to get rid of jbridge. tried that and now my favorite plugis don’t work anymore.
what should i do? i have no idea what so ever.

thanks in advance greetz Thom