GROOVE AGENT 3 Drum Map Setup - help me please

I have always got help from also this Forum, so I’ll try again to reach some of you nice people knowing about this problem that I have:::

I have Groove Agent 3 and I’ve used my own samples in it to make a 27 piece drum-set. Anyway when I set from the Inspector the GA3 to use drum map, that drum map (GM map initially) doesn’t have all the sounds available via the GA3 (when clicking every note in the drum editor window, some samples are “missing”). If I set up GA3 to NOT have a drum map, then it DOES have all the sound samples available and I can freely rename them and move around.

The problem is thou, that I would like to have a drum map designated to GA3 so that I wouldn’t have to make this annoying renaming and moving stuff for every single project. And also when I’ll start a new project (or editing the old ones without a drum map currently) I would love to have a saved drum map preset available which I could just easily import into GA3 track and off I go.

I have tried to edit the GA3 settings so that it has (or has not) the GM Output - even if I’m not sure what that even means - but it makes no difference; The only way to have GA3 to be able to play all imported customized samples, seems to be that GA3 have no designated drum map. And I just cannot understand why it is like that.

  • There are like 127 (or something like that) sound slots available even without the drum map so why aren’t all GA3 customized sounds among those?
  • And if I want to make them available through a drum map, how do I do it?? I’m pretty sure it’s manageable by some XML-editing or whatever.

I hope you GA3 users could help me!! I’m STILL all bewildered about all these “MIDI mapping” things, and MIDI altogether has always been kind of a “black area” for me; I’m slowly and surely getting into it, but I always seem to come across some very depressing “limitations” or problems with it.

Below are some screenshots to give a more clear picture of my problem:

**Here is my GA3 sample setup with all 27 samples loaded

Here is the GA3 Setup window. I tried the GM Output ON and OFF

Here’s a view of a Drum Track with NO DRUM MAP designated

And the same as above but WITH a drum map. Why doesn’t it show all the 27 samples, but only 18 distinctive sounds???**