Groove Agent 3 problem

In Groove Agent 3, I have the midi output to host on and I’m trying to record the pattern to the instrument track that GA3 is on. But no notes are recorded and of course the object created on the track just disappears.
GA3 will not show up as an input source for a regular midi track either. Is this a known issue with GA3 and Cubase 5 or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help!

Harland Giesbrecht

Don’t use it, but don’t you have to Export Audio Mixdown?

No, the idea is to record the midi output so that you can edit/arrange as you like.
There is a function to create a file of the midi output, but I want to use the midi output to host function.

Did you load it in the rack or are you trying to use an Instrument Track? According to the manual (p. 77) it has to be loaded in the rack and selected as the input of a MIDI track, but not the output or it will double trigger.

That may be the ticket, Nate, thanks! I’ll let you know if it works.

Bingo - thanks again.