Groove Agent 3 problems

I’ve had GA3 working for quite a while now, and it’s stopped functioning as it should in ‘live to host’ mode.
I use Jbridge and it’s been fine, but now GA is behaving as if it isn’t being bridged.
I’ve re-installed the Jbridge software, updated all the plugins but there’s no change at all.
I remember that each time I selected GA as an instrument I was asked if I wanted to create a new MIDI track as well, which has also stopped happening, so all I’m getting in my mIDI input options on the GA track are all MIDI inputs and my audio interface MIDI in. No GA option. Anybody got any idea what’s going on?
I’m using Cubase Studio 5.

It works fine to me with all jBridge boxes unticked in the latest version of Cubase.

I have installed CUBASE Elements 8 and the recent update which shows groove agent being loaded on start up of the program. However, when I then go to add a track, and choose drums, all I see is Halcion Sonic SE, Groove agent does not show anywhere - can anybody help me?