Groove Agent 3 re-install

I recently had to do a clean Windows 10 re-install. I need to re-install GA3, and I am a registered owner with E-licenser for GA3. I cannot find my original install files. Where can I download GA3?

Hi laserr,

You will need to contact Steinberg support as the full application is not available as a download, only the update files.

They should be able to send you a temporary link to download GA3 if the license is stored on your e licenser dongle.

I believe GA3 will run ok in standalone mode in Windows 10 but you may require a vst bridge such as jbridge to run in Cubase with Windows 10, maybe someone else can chime in and clarify this.

Hope this helps and gets you up and running.

Go to your MySteinberg and contact Steinberg from there, don’t forget to register your eLicenser if you haven’t done that yet though.

Note that GA3 doesn’t work too well in 64 bit DAWs. I would recommend upgrading to Groove Agent 4 if you can, it’s light years ahead of GA3 in terms of sound quality and features, and the upgrade still allows you to use Groove Agent 3 if you need it.

I agree, GA4 is far superior than GA3 and integrates great into Cubase.