Groove Agent 3: Setting Separate Tracks in Cubase

Hi All,

I have been poking around for a couple hours, and I simply can not figure out how to set Groove Agent 3 up to have the drums go to separate tracks in Cubase. Can anyone give me a step-by-step? I’m pulling out my hair here. I’m in Cubase 6.5 running on a Mac with Snow Leopard.



Load it in VST Inst Rack and enable the outs via the icon to the left of the selection window there.

I’ve activated all outputs (GA 1 - 12) already,and I see that a GA3 folder has opened up with tracks marked GA2 - GA12. In GA I can set the drums to 1-12, but it seems that between output 2-12, no matter where I set it it only goes to the track GA2. In Groove Agent I have turned on all audio outputs in the Setup menu. So it seems like when I set the snair to track 3 it should go there, but it goes to track 2. I’m confused.


Did you set each pad to the different outputs? Works here.

Yes I was doing that and it wasn’t working, however today after I rebooted and restarted Cubase it worked! Yay! Thanks a lot fr the suggestions. Finally I can add some attack to that dang kick.