Groove Agent 3 will not record in Cubase 6

Folks, I can not get Groove Agent 3 (“GA3”) to record midi data in Cubase 6 while the latter is running in 64 bit on a Mac. It appears to work fine in 32 bit. Does anyone know of a patch or something available from Steinberg that will resolve this issue?

On that note, perhaps someone who is experienced with this can help me. First when playing back the midi data that was recorded by GA3, how do I get Cubase to NOT toggle GA3 on and off. I don’t wish to double play the drum track, meaning while Cubase is playing back the midid data it recorded from GA3, it still plays the VST. As sucgh when I hit play in Cubase I do not wish for GA3 to start playing on its own. Second, when GA3 is setup in the VST Instrument Rack, what does the “Memory 1”, etc. mean in the drop-down menu? Third, in Cubase, what does “Route 1”, or for that matter the other selections in that drop-down menu do, e.g. Shuffle Route 2 etc.? You know I really wish Steinberg provided some sort of documentation regarding these questions. The GA3 operation manual does a great job discussing how the samples were recorded, and by whom, but I can’t find a word about integrating the application with Cubase or other DAWs. Fred

Known bug with GA3 running on 64 bit…see the GA forum elsewhere here, where I and others are asking Steinberg to fix this 100% recreatable problem. Short term solution - jBridge, or go back to 32-bit Cubase.

To stop GA toggling between run and stop, just press stop…and it stays stopped except when you stop and start the Cubase transport bar.

Had to find out the hard way, some time ago.