Groove Agent 3 will not record MIDI dat on track

I have LE5 and Groove Agent 3.
When I attempt to record a midi drum track cubase le5, it will not record the midi notes. The live to host feature works but it will not record the track. The blue track bar follows the cursor then disappears when I hit “stop recording”.


Hi, this may help. Make sure you have Groove Agent3 selected in the midi track input- not all Midi inputs.
Also you can only record midi from the normal GA module not the Special Agent.

Thanks for the reply. I thought that might be an issue. But, GA3 will not show up in the input options menu. Just “not connected” or “all midi inputs”. GA3 does show up in the output options. Any thoughts?

Not sure as i use Cubase 6,
What about other VST’s do they appear in the input selection area? Also as i said special agent wont output midi, what if you try with the nornal GA module does it appear in the input?

Never could get GA3 to work as a recordable instrument in LE5. Works just fine with Cubase 6.

Hi, GA3 works well in a W7 64bit environment (OK to record its audio output on audio tracks for example) , but it does not record its output on a MIDI track in C6 64 bits with the " live to host" function.

This is what I got from Steinberg support, which is helpful :

Indeed when Groove Agent 3 32bit is bridged in Cubase 64bit it is not possible to use the “Live To Host” function.
Instead it is possible to use the “Write to file” function and drag the MIDI from the desktop to the project.

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