Groove Agent 4.2.0 Full installer crashes under Sierra.

Last week i did a clean install of OSX Sierra.
Now re-installing all my plugins again.

Also Groove Agent 4.
But the Groove Agent full installer v 4.2.0 crashes immediately when i run it :smiling_imp:

I know about the “hold your horses” Steinberg statement about Sierra but i was assuming this is only valid for Cubase …

Any solution ?

Warm regards.

You assumed wrongly :mrgreen:

Steinberg refered to all of their products


Please try to use the “Steinberg Application Installer Tool”. You can find it here:



Dear Jan,

Many thanks for helping me.
However, your solution doesn’t work for me, so it seems…
This is what i did:

  • Double clicked the Groove Agent Full Installer 4.2.0. dmg file, to mount it on Desktop.
  • Then i ran the Steinberg Application Installer Tool.
    Outcome: gives me an error message that no mounted Steinberg product can be found.

Am i overlooking something ?

OSX Sierra 10.12.1
Macbook Retina 2015.

Warm regards.