Groove Agent 4.2.30 Browser crashing

When I try to use the built in Browser to search for and preview samples, Groove Agent crashes both stand alone or within Cubase.

I select the VST Sound Folder in the Browser, click on the Search location content icon, type in “kick”, press Enter.
The results are being displayed, but it crashes soon afterwards with a “Program stopped working” message.
Sometimes it crashes instantly, other times I’m able to preview a few sounds before it crashes.

It seems to be worse if the location folder contains a lot of subfolders.

I got into Groove Agent 4.2.30 once after upgrading from 4.2.
Then I browsed around, and Nachville was missing some stuff. Then it crashed.
Now I cant start it at all… Not as standalone, not as a VST. I got ‘serios error’ while
Launching it. If I downgrade to 4.2.0 all works again.
And nothing is missing. If I upgrade to 4.2.30 again, same thing…
So I can’t get the upgrade to work. What I think, it can be perhaps.
Is that Nashville is on an another harddrive than the other drum packs
(have almost all). So it feels that the browser is not better in this version…