Groove Agent 4.2 update available

We’re elated to announce the availability of Groove Agent 4.2. This point update comes with many news features and enhancements.

  • Advanced Note Repeat with up to 8 variations and integrated phrase editor
  • Follow Transport for synchronized playback in the host
  • MIDI output to host for convenient recording of patterns and performances
  • Alternate loop mode for creative sound tweaking
  • Individual pattern mode for controlling each of the pattern pads of the four Agents
  • Several workflow improvements requested or suggested by Groove Agent users

All new features and improvements are described in detail in the version history:

Groove Agent 4.2 is freely available to download from the support pages of our website:



Read more about Groove Agent 4.2

Thanks Matthias, There was no mention in the video that there was new content. I hope I can integrate my jazz audio and midi loops in the system. But thank you again, for all the other new features. I am committed to staying positive.

Great. Not great, 43 KB/s download speed :frowning:

Great to get the update, thanks. The download speed feels like the old days, using a dial-up modem – very slow.

I,ve download the groove agent 4.2 update twice, and everytime i try to install it i get a crc file corruption error and it asks me to download again. Is it my computer or a problem at your end.

groove agent 4.2 update,when trying to install i get a crc corruption error and it tells me to download again,which i have done twice now?


Yep, everyone and their Mother must be downloading, Oh well I will play tomorrow I guess!

Hi all,

There was a server overload, but the problem is solved now. If you haven’t succeeded in downloading the patcher please try again with the new links:



Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Matthias,

Groove Agent 4.0 is specified for Mac OS 8 and 9.

But on the download page, the update to 4.2 mentions only Mac OS 9 and 10.

Does that mean that people who run their DAWs and all other audio software on 10.8.5 can’t do the update?

Or does it just mean that Steinberg won’t support 4.2 on Mountain Lion, but that “it should probably work”?

Kind regards,


Hi Joachim,

Steinberg’s policy is that we are always testing new releases on the last two OS versions. GA4 was released in August 2014 before the release of 10.10. Hence it support just 10.8 and 10.9. GA4.2 has been tested on 10.9 and 10.10.

You can always give it a try and install the application on a non supported OS, but we only state that it will work properly on the supported OS.

Thanks for the info and dl fix :slight_smile:

First of all, great update. The only comment I would make is that in future it would be enormously helpful if the updates could be broken down into two parts; program and content. The reason I mention this is that during the update process it showed that the GA-4 content was already present and would not be updated, only the program. Considering that the lion’s share of the download was likely the content (I’m surmising, of course), it would have saved a lot of time if all most of us had to do was download the program. Would have lightened the load on your servers, too. Just a thought.

Excellent update. Makes me very happy – with my “all in” commitment to GA 4.
Now if only you could add additional velocity layers to the acoustic drums in 4.3 or 5.0 :wink:

with version 4.2 in Cubase 8.05 how do you synch to host?

In the transport window of Groove Agent 4.02 you simply click on “Follow Transport.”


Sorry if this has been discussed. Does anyone know when the GA 4.2 update will be available in the built in version of Cubase 8?

Advanced Note Repeat will no work for me.
I hear no sound when i push the c5 note.

Thanks for delivering a great sounding drum machine. Had to choose between buying the GA 4 or upgrading from Cubase 6.5 to Cubase 8.

I took the 1st option (with the intention to update to Cubase 8 anyway whenever finances allow me), relying on the information that GA4 is supposed to work on any DAW. I assumed that this would also include Steinberg’s own DAW, even a little two versions ago (Cubase 6.5). And it does work on 6.5 indeed (Windows 7 64 bit) - except for (at least) two rather important functions:

  1. dragging midi from the DAW to GA4 is not possible;
  2. dragging midi from GA4 to the project is possible, but does not automatically update drum maps (which urges me to make the drum maps for the Agents manually…).

Updating to 4.2 doesn’t solve this. Would you please mind these issues for the next update? As soon as I can afford the upgrade to Cubase 8, I would like to do it just because 8 is great - not because 6.5 fails on elementary tasks.

I’m in your boat already, but keeping me happy will certainly help me to spread the Steinberg gospel.