Groove Agent 4 and Elements

I was thinking seriously about taking advantage of the Valentine weekend special offer on Groove Agent 4. However, as my DAW is Cubase Elements 7, I have encountered some difficulty running the trial. Specifically I have not been able to assign the output of a midi track to Groove Agent 4 - the only options that are available are the interface (UR22) and general midi, no sign of the VST.

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong somewhere? I am very impressed with Groove Agent 4, but if I cannot assign a midi output to it there is not really any point in laying out for it.

As usual, all help and advice gratefully recieved. :slight_smile:

It looks like you need the USB licenser to run the trial of that product.

I have a USB Licenser and all that is working just fine thanks. What I cannot do is get Groove Agent to record in Elements - I can drag and drop components, but I cannot record directly as I play the loops from GA4.

I already have Addictive Drums 1 and 2, and I can record on the fly from them without difficulty. I can also record from GA4 in Reaper easily. It’s just something that is not configured correctly in Cubase Elements 7 that is causing the issue. Only a few hours left of the offer, so any swift ideas would be gratefully received!