Groove agent 4 and groove agent se5

I need to install Groove Agent 4 onto my Laptop. I have it on my PC (Both Windows 10)
It is registered with my USB e Lincenser, but I cannot locate it on either The Download Manager or the Library Manager
2 With the Cubase update I cannot load the Groove Agent SE5.
ERROR–The Specified Account already exists–Task Failed

Question–for 2—Do I need to upgrade from 4 to 5???

You can download Groove Agent 4.2 from here: Groove Agent 4

Thanks for the link’
Do you know if the Cubase update includes Groove Agent SE5 or will I need to Upgrade it from SE4

You need to download that separately from the Steinberg Download Assistant or directly from here.

Thanks again
Downloaded Groove Agent 5 SE from the link and still have the same issue
If the Specified account already exsists, where is the Program located to run it.

Not sure how to help with that. Maybe submit a support ticket at this point?