Groove Agent 4 download problem

Last week I took advantage of Steinbergs seemingly generous half price offer and I purchased Groove Agent 4.

Since then I have been attempting unsuccesfully to download the 4 parts to the application. I keep getting “CRC Failure” or “Data Error” FCP_SMT_142_ or FCP_SMT_143_ . I have spent considerable time and now I am up to my 4th download attempt but there seems to be a pattern emerging that part 2 of the downloads fails! Since then after extracting the 4 x RAR part files there is a host of other “Data Error” and “CRC Failures”
I think the problem maybe because I live some 5 Kliks away from the exchange and the broadband runs down old copper wires having said that I have not had this problem before downloading Cubase 9 , Wavelab and Halion. Finding the help and contact addresses for this issue I have to say has also been a run around. Why can’t Steinberg and their agent Ask Net put a simple contact or phone number or download help page on the point of access for those like myself suffering issues downloading the purchased product? After all as a customer I have just parted with my honest hard earned cash to buy this product. I think I or any other customer should expect better service with an easier link to help with issues? There seems to be none on the download page! :angry:

Has anyone else had this problem with Groove4 agent?

I have now spent 4 evenings totaling 16 or more hours downloading and attempting to install Groove Agent , many different attempts without any luck I am at the point of asking for my money back I cannot afford to spend this amount of time unsuccesfully trying to install my steinberg product. I would say my labour hours now exceeds the price I paid for the software! I am really not impressed! This is enough to make one chew ones arm off in despair!
I would much rather be continuing my work producing songs :angry:

I too have had the same or similar problem. I’m not sure if I have the complete 4 part download or not. I have not had any success registering or activating the product. When I try to enter the activation code into the elicense control a message says that there is no elicense to download to. I assume the message is referring to the usb dongel which I don’t have because I have only downloaded the cubase 9 and now the groove agent 4.
Replies seem to be few and far between on this question! Helppppppp!