Groove Agent 4 Error


I just got Groove agent 4 and am working with it using the patters (drag and drop to Cubase). I ran into a few snags, wouldn’t drop, another where the patterns were gone altogether and I got those cleared up (not sure how I did but it was working and that was cool)

Now I get a weird error that the midi triggers are being shared (with another pad) when I drop it into Cubase, and when I do it’s combining a beat with a fill or cutting one halfway and staring the other (the shared one).

I tried to re-allocate the midi note that triggers the pad (up a few octaves or to a note I clearly see ifs not on any other pads) but it would still happen on some.

I searched the forum for a solution and didn’t find anything even mentioning something like that so I wasn’t sure if I might just be missing a simple setting or something

it seems odd they would set up the pads to be on the same note trigger but once adjusted is still doesn’t seem to work.

Has anyone else run in to this and/or know a solution?

I’m at work not but can post up the error message from home if that helps


Here is the error message. I even assigned it a trigger note of A#7 (and checked that no other pads have a trigger in the 7 octave range) and still got the same message when I went to drop it on the track in Cubase again.
Error message.JPG

Is this happening when you drag and drop from GA4 to Cubase? If that’s the case, that’s never supposed to happen. Are you using the latest version of Groove Agent 4?

Yes. When I drag and drop. I just purchased it and did an update I found but will see if your link has a different update than the one i did. When it was done it said up to date or sonething like that but I’ll check it out and let you know. Thanks for the quick reply!

I think that was the update I ran already. this is what I got when I went to install it.

Ahh, I figured out what was your issue.

Click this little button with a P on it:

By clicking this, pattern pads will only be triggered if the MIDI output of the channel is set to “Groove Agent - Pattern”. To trigger patterns using your keyboard, just create a new MIDI track and set the output to that. This will prevent any conflicts from happening.

Patterns drag and dropped from GA4 should be in the Groove Agent 4 instrument track or a MIDI track routed to “Groove Agent - Main”.

Awesome, Thanks! I’ll give it a shot. I was thinking it may have just been a setting or in the case a button I needed to adjust.

Yep, that did the trick. Thanks again man, I really appreciate it!

I didn’t know if it was better to add to this post or create a new one but here’s my newest question/dilemma -

Is it possible to have 2 or more agents (I know you can load up to 4) in GA4 but be able to drop and drag patterns separately from each one to a track in Cubase?

So I have some percussion going, I want to add some drums so I add the vintage kit to GA4 and when I go to add that only the percussion is going into the track. or if I get the beat in there I can’t remove the percussion, or once it just played the Drum beat on the percussion drum map. Or if I want a part after them both playing with the drums pattern with no percussion or drum pattern with a percussion pattern that is triggered by a different pad than the drum pattern is. I cant seem to figure how to do that.

I went rogue and opened another GA4 instrument track for the drums (and left the percussion one as it was) so I had 2 separate tracks, but now I have no previews for the initial percussion track when I open GA4 to audition those (by hitting play or holding the pad). So that’s close to what I wanted but I’m wondering if there’s a way to do it in one GA4 track.

I did initially try to go into the editor when they were together (with the columns under each agent) but I wasn’t able to mute or change anything in there which was weird.

any suggestions?

In this case you just have to create a new MIDI track set to another MIDI channel. By default the 4 kit slots will use MIDI channels 1 to 4, so for example kit slot 2 can be controlled using MIDI channel 2.

do I do that under the same instrument track (I think I saw where people had multiple tracks within an instrument track but I’ve never had to do it) or just open a new Midi track and assign it assigned 2?

I have used multiple Midi tracks with Halion. So is it kind of the same concept? Also, then do I not want GA4 as an instrument “track”, just as an instrument and then link the midi tracks to that (like I would with multiple instruments in Halion)? Or does it not matter?

Thanks again for the help, you really have been making this much less frustrating for me, I appreciate it! Thank you!

I don’t remember if it was like this in Cubase 7, but in Cubase Pro 8 and Pro 8.5 you can just create a new MIDI track, no need to load another instance of GA4 even if you loaded it as a instrument track.

If it’s not like this in 7 then you’ll have to load GA4 as a instrument rack and link the tracks manually like you said.

Awesome! I’ll give it a try both ways and see how it goes. Thanks again!

Thanks this just help with GA5