Groove Agent 4 file locations for MIDI and VST sound

Hello, as Windows 7 64bit user, and being rather new to GA 4 i find it a bit awkward to relocate and address the MIDI files, VST sound and User data belonging to GA4. Any tips ??? F.i. my Cubase program and VST sound files i placed in a separate folder on an other partition than C. During GA 4’s installation procedure you can’t really control where they’re placed. Especially the MIDI file locations are hard to trace afterwards, as found them in some “Local Settings” folder the last time in the Users folder and i’d rather keep them elsewhere.

This since I really prefer to have any program files and it’s resources setup on on a separate drive partition, or even on an external USB or Firewire drive at times. Reason: i want to keep my C:/ boot partition as small as possible for backing it up, and thus make eventual re-installations for Windows easier (via Acronis) and save me a lot of time to check and update all those extra resources. thnkx, - F