Groove agent 4 - missing sounds files - always


Since I remember, I had always this issue with groove agent. When I choose a sound… some files are missing !
Since Cubase 5, I had never use this plugin because of many sounds not found by this VST (and with different windows computers).
But it was only with the groove agent SE ! So I was thinking during all these years that it was because of this light version.

But with my last Cubase 9 pro purchased (last version updated), I decided to buy absolute 3 with the last groove agent 4 (but not only).
Everything is working fine with Halion 6, sonic 3 with all sounds… and also others VST I have… my list is impressive : NI ultimate 11, East west, Nexus, VPS Avenger, Ivory II, Spectrasonics, Maschine studio, etc.

I read on forums that it is better to reinstall Cubase with the check box “for all users”.
So I did it and reinstall Cubase and Absolute 3 completly.
But nothing more with this weird issue. And only with this … hem special software.
So if you need some idea to improve steinberg products… please do it first with this … sofware.

My version is 4.2.30 in Windows 10 (last version too).
And for your information, I am a software developper since > 30 years.
So if you have to explain something to understand (even complex) how to use this curious VST do not hesitate. I can do anything on my computer.
I also tried to copied some .vstsounds files into the specific groove agent directory… double click on the interface, search and modify on all directories etc. etc. etc. and so on!


Waow ! Very interesting this forum, it must be a taboo subject apparently…

That is so impressive, this forum is very helpfull. So many post… I can’t read them all. Another lost forum on the net?

May be…

no one? really?

One month after… everyone is thinking the same thing. No solution to use some Steinberg software!

I have same issue, I spent the $$ and bought full version and a Expansion ,and I dont see all the kits. Very Frustrating. Why does this have to be so cryptic.

I posted on this forum and never got an answer either. I still can’t find my Nashville kit I got it on sale but $40 for a headache?

May be no one have trouble except me, but I have seen the same kind of issues (but not the exact one!). So if I meet the creator of this software in the street…

Problem solved!
After 1 hour and a half by phone with Steinberg support (with a french speaker… thanks for them). They understand that my Cubase 9 pro was incomplete. Just the update version (2 gb. only). So I download the complete Cubase 9 on mysteinberg account and after reinstalling… it is ok !
I was searching this during weeks, focused on the groove agent issue… but I was wrong! Only a Cubase incomplete installations (from the updated versions 7 to 8 and then to 9 of Cubase).
Thanks for the Steinberg support (even if I was waiting during 2 month at least… after any response!).

Thank you a lot! was in the same case…