Groove Agent 4 missing

I have bought and installed Cubase 12
I have Groove Agent 4 working on cubase 11
I cannot find Groove agent 4 on Cubase 12 …with or without dongle plugged in…I only get Groove Agent SE

I can’t work like this…!!

Same as me! I have written to Steinberg but I have not received any reply, yet…could you fix it in the mean time?


Try reinstalling groove agent.Groove Agent 4 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

I have already re-downloaded and re-installed Groove Agent 4.0 with last update but nothing happened…still in the block-list :frowning:

You have to make sure you only install VST3. It will not work properly if the VST2 is installed also.

Thank you! I will try to install only VST3. I’ll let you know!

No way, unfortunately the new update is only for standalone version…I tried to re-install from the original installer but I got an error during installation…I hope Steinberg will fix it in next update. Thank you again!

Groove Agent 4 was supplanted by Groove Agent 5 in 2018. There will be no further updates for Groove Agent 4.
BTW, here on my PC (Win 10), Groove Agent (64bit, all user installation) works as expected in Cubase, even with VST2 installed.
best regards
Gerrit Junge

Dear Gerrit, I know that there is the new version GrooveAgent 5 but I have regularly purchased GrooveAgent 4.0 inside Absolute3 pack (Mac Version, Big Sur OS) and I expect to have it fully working even now as we are not talking about a 20 years old plug-in.
I tried to re-install and update but it is still in the block-list.
I see that other people in Steinberg forum are complaining about that fact.
Waiting for a positive feedback, I thank you for your support.
Best Regards

Hi Alessandro,
I’m sorry but there won’t be another update for Groove Agent 4. Not for the formerly supported OS 10.8 - OS 10.14 on Mac and not at all for the unsupported OS 11 (Big Sur).
My apologies for the adverse conditions, but in this matter even Steinberg is only a passenger on the “computing” and “technical progress” train.
best regards
Gerrit Junge