Groove Agent 4 misssing sounds

Hi, I installed groove agent 4 from disks that I bought from a music shop, I have already activated the product from the E- licenser, but every time I open cubase 8 it says that it fails to locate sounds from groove agent, I have attached some of the errors as a screenshot. If I were to uninstall groove agent and perform a clean install of the program would this cause problems seeing as I already activated groove agent 4 ? anyway thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope I can get some help with this issue.
Error 3.PNG.jpg
Error 2.PNG.jpg
Error 1.PNG.jpg

Seems you are missing some Groove Agent SE and ONE kits. These should be part of the regular Cubase 8 installation in Groove Agent 4 SE, not part of the premium GA4 package. Did you put these sound sets on another location than the default location?

You might want to check your CB 8 installation media for additional content for starters.

Hope this helps