Groove Agent 4 - Patch list

Hi all,

Due to the many requests regarding the styles that are included in the factory library of Groove Agent 4, we have put together a list of all presets of all three Agents with preset name, style, sub style, time signature and tempo.

You can download the patch list here:

The focus of the factory library is obviously on contemporary music genres and styles. But let me assure you that we are already planning the first expansion packs for Beat Agent as well as Acoustic Agent to dive deeper into the wide field of music genres.

Psychedelic Trance expansion packs please

And some Jazz Styles and a Acoustic Agent Brush Kit, Please.



+1 Jazz Styles :wink:

Oh a brush kit would be so cool.


Is there also a patch list for ga se4?

No but I improvised something.

Acoustic Agent SE (Cubase Elements or higher only):

Beat Agent SE:

Rock Pop Toolbox (Cubase 8 and higher only):

Production Grooves (Cubase 9 or higher only):

Old Groove Agent ONE kits:

Hope to see some more tech house…

Not much in the way of 6/8 or 12/8…

Will there be a GA5 patch list?