Groove Agent 4 - Round Robin

Is there a way to disable the acoustic agent from triggering round robin samples? I’ve read the manual, searched the forums & all I’ve found are a couple of unanswered threads in this forum. I figured they would be triggered by velocity of the MIDI notes but the kits still play alternating samples with all kicks & snares at identical velocities. Is this supposed to happen?

I love the live sounding feel of the kits & would like to use them in electronic music (in place of sampled funk breaks) without having to do the old fashioned method of exporting at slower tempos & pitching up loops or one shots after resampling layers into beat agent. In this case having a static kick & snare is more desirable than round robin sample playback, Having the variation in hi hats & cymbals is nice & gives loops with a static kick & snare plenty enough live feel.

It would be nice to be able to export my acoustic agent breaks pre pitched up & processed ready to layer up with beefier electronic drum layers so permanent round robin is kind of a drag for my needs.

Hoping somebody knows how to do this. I’m racking my brain here. Seems like an odd feature to not include if there is indeed no way to select it on or off.