groove agent 4 se freezes

I have latest version of GA se 4 and Cubase 9 Elements.

Groove Agent sometimes freezes while im loading a new kit. I cant do anything, i must close Cubase. It apears for sure, while im loading a kit during playback. Music plays at background, but cant do anything with mouse.

I use Win 10 and i have 32 gb of RAM, so i dont think it is a memory problem.
Someone could help me?

no one knows?

+1 for this, it’s a nightmare.

Attempting to move over from Ableton but the instability of Cubase is phenomenal. Crashes multiple times each session. Seems that Groove Agent SE is what causes is. Try to load a sample and everything freezes but music plays. Have to quit via task manager but then but sound card is not recognised so i have to reboot the PC every crash. Driving me crazy.

Have tried reinstalling, have set admin rights to all programs, have uninstalled other software, deleted old preferences. Not sure what to do next other than wait for cubase to fix the bug.


I have the absolutely same problem :open_mouth: I use Cubase 8 element, and when I use groove agent 4 se it happen so often :confused: I run it on Win10 64 bit, and it is an oroginal software version which is updated… I use it for sampling so lot, so I love it, but it is a horrible thing and waste so much time and work if I don’t push the save button minute by minute…

Is there anyone who is solved this problem?


Do we have any Ideas yet? I am having the same issue. Everything works fine unit I intermittently load new drum kits into GA 4 SE. It is also doing it with Expansion Kits I purchased.

I found with various plugins (other brands too) that some crashes had to do with visual basic installations, maybe there’s one missing? Also your graphics card might need to be updated, and check it’s gamer profile hardware acceleration settings, on or off? Nvdia seems to give the most issues regarding latter, and my Radion R series works best by installing just the basic drivers. Besides: Windows 10 gives most problems when you leave Windows Update active in services. Im my case i let 360 Total security (paid version) handle the sometimes necessary updating instead. F

Same thing here.
When changing drum kits while playing Cubase 9.0.30 or the new 9.5 it freezes the hole application.
I have to wait till it comes back to normal to stop playback or do anything else.
I noticed that it does not freeze if I change the presets with the GUI closed and even then, when I do open the GUI it totally freezes again.
It is literally impossible to work with unless you keep the same drums that you had selected upon start up of a song.
I have used Ezdrummer 2, Superior drummer 2, BFD 2 and I had no such problem in Cubase, only with Groove Agent SE 4 (v.
I also downloaded the Groove Agent 4 trial to see what would happen and got the same result.

I wrote about it to Steinberg to report it and get a solution but they never got back me as usual.
They don’t even create a support ticket when you write to them and your demand most likely ends up in the trash.
Bad customer support and no respect for us users who give them their paycheck… reflect on that.

… bad… i hoped, something changed… i hoped maybe upgrade to 9.5 is a solution, but it doesnt (like omman19 wrote)

Seems it has something to do with windows registry cleaning. After windows reinstalation GA worked fine… till the moment i did registry cleaning with Ccleaner. System restore did the job. Now all is ok again. Testing.

Not always true, f.i. with Wavelab Philippe is always quick on the draw … if you put a request on a specific forum, and bump it when needed, usually some one jumps in. Tickets is indeed a system that takes too long. Guess nobody reads them Lol. The forums at Gearslutz are also helpful at times. As said: with Cubase 9.5 and Wavelab 9.5 graphics can be an issue; if you have Windows 10, update your graphics card’s drivers, as DirextX is at version 12 now. Older graphics drivers etc. cannot work with that DirectX version. F