Groove Agent 4 SE Rant

For me I have ti say Groove agent is not user friendly-so much so I never use it. I find it fiddly, hard work and the kits don’t seem to be organised into some sort genre related list-it really y hit and miss what kit you use-oh and by the way theres some midi files in the this tiny dialogue box! I have been using two plug-ins that Ive found incredibly easy to use quick to set up and great sounds they are Studio drummer and the MT Power kit which is free! Why can’t Steinberg developers make a drum machine thats more easy to use-when Im writing a song I need speed with my inspiration!

I agree that at first glance, some things in Groove Agent can be counter-intuitive; then again, so could an airplane’s instrument panel if you haven’t learned to pilot. Steinberg’s products tend to be very feature-rich and flexible, which comes at a cost to simplicity at times. If you really dig into Groove Agent, you’ll find it to be a valuable tool that goes far beyond some competitive programs. You might want to explore the manual and take a few hours to understand all the features.