Groove Agent 4 setup path options not available

Before my new e-licenser with GA4 license will arrive, I was trying to setup the full version of GA4 on my home PC (win 7 64-bit) with my Cubase Artist 8.20.
I uninstalled the bundled GA SE 4 and then used the full version ISO’s to attempt the setup of GA 4.
However, when the list of 3 packages was displayed with status info “will be installed”, there was not any setup path option for any of the packages in the lower right corner to modify the default installation path. I need to be able to modify the setup path as the C drive of my SSD is almost full and I have Cubase and all most VST plugins installed on D drive.
I attempted to finish the setup but got errors and even after I tried to setup the content package from the second ISO, Cubase reports missing vstsound files at the start.

Next day I tried to do the same on my work computer (win 8.1) and to my big surpirse the setup path options were displayed and accessible as they should be.
That evening I completelly unistalled everything to do with GA from my home PC rebooted the computer but still could not see any setup path options during my new attempt to setup GA 4.

Has anybody experienced the same issue?
Should I contact stenberg support?

Has this issue been resolved for you? I can’t install GA 4 due to lack of space on the C drive in my Win 7 64-bit PC either.

I have the same situation with windows 7 64bit, thus NO location OPTIONS during install, very anoying !

I manually moved the suspected VSTsound files to an other partition in a folder where i keep all those files, and messing around in GA4’s browser i got all, or some, to reload them. However after using GA4 on two projects now made me turn back to EZdrummer, a lot easier if you want to address or change some single sample sound in a mix it seems. GA4 is nice but IMO the user interface is too complicated for a fast job especially in a mix, especially when you’re have a client who needs a quick result and to keep paid studio time to a minimum LoL.