Groove Agent 4 trial expired - how to remove? missing standard loops and presets in Media Bay


My Cubase 9 doesn’t show all the loops and presets in the MediaBay window anymore,
I believe it’s something to do with a Groove Agent 4 trial which has expired - that’s when the problem appeared I think - but I’m having trouble trying to get it off my computer! At startup Cubase always says it’s missing the Groove Agent files but I tried removing them from Application Support and removing Groove Agent from Application folder, it still complains xD

Anyone have any ideas?? How do I do a complete Cubase 9 reinstall on Mac (while keeping my VSTs?), maybe that will help?


If you removed the files, there is no wonder, they are missing. :wink: Reinstall Groove Agent sound library from the Full Installer of Cubase, please. No worry, inly missing part will be reinstalled. Your Cubase and other plug-ins remains.

Hey Martin thanks for the reply.

I sorted it out now, just a simple rescan disk in the mediaBay was needed. I’m a dummy :stuck_out_tongue: