Groove Agent 4 with Cubase Artist 7.5?

Hi All
Newbie question.
Apologies in advance if this topic has already been covered… But I’ve searched and googled and cant find an answer.

I upgraded to Cubase Artist 7.5 about 18 months ago. I Installed it and then got severely sidetracked , and have never actually got around to using / exploring it until now.

I’m led to believe that I should have Groove Agent 4 SE but all I have is Groove Agent 1
Am i mistaken? If so where / how do I acquire Groove Agent 4?


  1. right plug-in path assigned in the Plugin-Manager under the Device-menu?
  2. Groove Agent 4 is as standard in none of the Cubase versions integrated. you can buy it alone, or as an piece of the Absolute VST Collection 2, which included all of the advanced VST-instruments from Steinberg and is more cheap as than as you would buy all of the VSTi´s separetly, so i would recommend this one and i´m about to get this package. you can buy it from the Steinberg-website here:

or as Absolute VST Collection 2 piece:
or you can it buy from the musical online store in the internet, of your choice.