Groove Agent 4

I have been with Cubase and it’s VST Instruments for nearly 10yrs often upgrading Cubase.
Groove Agent 3 and it’s styles are remarkable, it’s complexity levels are great along with other features but creating midi files was a pain and it wouldn’t respond to it’s own host so I stopped using it for along time.
Groove Agent 4 comes along and these styles fall short, the overall concept is very competitive with EZ Drummer along with the desire to sell you more packages at a later time.
Groove Agent is a Great name for this VST Instrument and Steinberg is back in the game to have one of the most widely used VSTs around if they just pay attention to the technology and keep the product current and competitive with it’s upgrades in the future. EZ Drummer has some really great features I have the upgrade and they didn’t leave the old EZ Drummer behind they incorporated the old with the new. WoW
Steinberg I hope that you are considering doing the same at some point (Allowing for Groove Agent 3 styles and complexities to live in Groove Agent 4 Technology) WoW