Groove Agent 4SE: Replacing sample


I"d like to replace one of the tom samples, the loudest one, with the 2nd loudest one.

I don’t see how to do anything but:

  1. Replace the sample with one I put on my hard drive myself, or
  2. Swap the 4 samples around among themselves, but not actually bring a new one into the group of 4 possible samples.

In other words, I couldn’t find the GASE4 samples themselves in my hard drive to drag in there … is that possible?


Can you change the velocity range of the second loudest one from, say, 75-100 to 75-127?

Edit: I just checked this out. With “Rock Kit 1”, I was able to select a tom pad, in “Instrument” mode (not “Pattern” mode), then over on the right side, I selected the “Edit” tab, then, down in the editor window, select “Sample”. It shows blocks with the velocity ranges for the samples. You can right click and remove them, click and drag the velocity ranges for the samples, or type in numbers in the value windows on the far right.

This is with a beat agent kit, of course, I don’t see a way you can get inside the acoustic agent kits.

Hi, thanks jaslan. Yes I can do that, and there’s even a “replace” button, but I can’t find the Cubase pool of samples to choose a replacement from.

In using the acoustic agent … :frowning: .