Groove Agent 4SE - Trig Patterns via Midi


I try to control the pattern pads in Groove Agent 4SE, but just the instruments pads are functionning.
After enabling the Pattern Midi Port (at the bottom left below the pattern pads) and set the channel to Omni (tried chanel 10 as well) I sent a ‘‘C0’’ note change on channel 10 (tried with channel one and two as well but want to use 10 as possible)
This play the instruments Pad at ‘‘C0’’ but not the Pattern Pad at ‘‘C0’’

How to trig the Pattern Pads instead of the Instruments Pad in Groove Agent 4SE with an external midi signal.
I’ used to midi but thsi is not documented in GA 4SE manual … to my knowledge.

Below is a bit of a screenshot showing Pattern Mode enabled and the routing in the inspector.
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I have mutilple VST instance filtered trough the tracks ‘‘INPUT TRANSFORMER’’ to allow channel filtering on instruments along with a ‘‘Custom Remote’’ to control the faders and pan for channel 1 to 32

Here’s my midi channel and faders/encoders Setup:

  • Channel 1 is for Keys (Via Input Transformer and also a filter to split the keyboard on two or multiple VST’')
  • Channel 2 for faders and encoders purpose (Via the Custom Remote)
  • All VST Parameter Faders and Encoders assigned trough the Custom Remote
  • Channel 10 for Groove Agent SE4 (Via the Input Transformer)

So I understand Cubase and midi well…except for the Pattern Pads triggering in Groove Agent SE4 via an external keyboard/pads :nerd:

I really try to do my duty first and look for, but this one is under-documented over the web.
No success on that one as of today :confused:

Any help and ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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The main instrument track will only access the instrument pads unless you deselect the pattern midi port.
With pattern midi port active you just need to add a new midi track and you’ll have the option route it to Groove Agent SE - Pattern


Now I have Channel 11 assigned to the Groove agent Pattern Pads :slight_smile:

Many Thanks Gentleman :smiley: