Groove Agent 5.0.40 - GUI sluggish on macOS Big Sur

Hi everyone,

while the 5.0.40 update has fixed the GUI rendering problems under macOS Big Sur, I have noticed that the GUI performance is worse than before. Most parts of the GUI feel sluggish. For example, the switching between different tabs (i.e. “Edit” and “Mixer”) is not smooth but takes a while, and the animation is stuttering. It is even worse when a pattern is currently playing: The mixer is hardly usable - every part of the UI is sluggish and reacts really slow on user interaction.

I’ve tested this using the standalone, the VST3 and the AU version - it is always the same.

Has anybody else experiences these problems?

Best regards,

Does nobody else have this problems? I created a support request, too, but unfortunately Steinberg has not given any answer yet.

I have noticed this too on a MacBook Pro 2020 running Big Sur. Cubase 11/GA 5.0.40 SE

Thanks. At least it does not seem to be a specific problem of my hardware. Hopefully, Steinberg will fix this soon as currently GA is sometimes nearly unusable as the window servers starts crashing if the lags are getting too high.

Same problem here on intel Mac with Big Sur and also on M1 Mac mini with Big Sur. I’ve stop using it.