Groove Agent 5 32GBs

So I just bought and nearly downloaded GA5. About to download I realised it is 32GBs. I have GA4.

Will it still use another 32 GBs from my harddrive? Or less as I have a lot of the content already installed with GA4.

I am seriously running out of hard drive space over here.

Thanks for any help.

that doesnt make sense bro. You have GA 4

just double checking mush


Have you thought about adding an additional internal hard drive to your system and placing the content there instead of on your OS drive?

I have all my content such as GA5, Absolute 4, Kontakt 9 etc. saved to and run from a separate ‘Library’ drive.

My system has a 250Gb SSD for the OS and a 3TB ‘content’ drive. A major benefit of using two drives is that the OS drive can be backed up regularly and doesn’t get overly big as I add more samples to my library. - better safe than sorry!!!

There is an option in the Steinberg library manager to move library content even after it has been installed. That said some people have reported the path to the moved samples does not always get updated accurately, I haven’t had this issue my self…so far

As to your original question, when I upgraded to GA5 from GA4 the download was 32Gb but I don’t believe my library increase by quite that much as there was already some content from GA4? Not sure what the added content amounted to, but I would still suggest a separate content drive if possible.

In answer to any questions that arise regarding sound delay when accessing from a second drive, haven’t had any issues so far… :slight_smile: