Groove Agent 5 available

Dear all, it’s a major, major update to Groove Agent and it’s available as of today! Groove Agent 5 brings a lot of rhythmic goodness to the table, with many new acoustic and electronic percussive sounds and grooves, a resizable interface and lots more for you to discover.

Key features:

• New high-end acoustic kit recorded at Teldex Studios Berlin
• New kits for EDM, Trap and Future Bass
• 20 new MIDI Styles with intro, outro and fills
• Decompose samples in noise and tonal
• External live sampling directly in Groove Agent
• Style Player for Beat Agent kits
• Pre-listening Styles and Pads
• New definable auto complexity mode
• Resizable user interface
• AAX support

New in Groove Agent 5

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Before to buy, I want a demo version…
When it’s available ?

Just bought it and also downloading through this DLM. But its downloading all files separately. And one download opens in my browser as a kind of script. Why please all so complicated Steinberg?? I just payed nearly 100€ which most until now found way to expensive and than you are not delivering the product in a way which makes no headaches :-/


This script allows chaining the installation of a dmg installer source with registration of content from the same directory

****Configure the product here: ****

The filename of the file to be opened after mounting the image

INSTALLERFILE=“Groove Agent 5.pkg”

The downloaded dmg imagefile to be mounted


The name of the mounted volume

VOLUMENAME=“Groove Agent 5”

#change workingdir to script file location.
BASEDIR=$(dirname “$0”)
echo “Setting workingdir to: $BASEDIR”

#make sure to unmount volume in case it is mounted
if [ -d “/Volumes/$VOLUMENAME” ]; then
diskutil unmount “/Volumes/$VOLUMENAME”


hdiutil attach “./$IMAGEFILENAME”

if [ -d “/Volumes/$VOLUMENAME” ]; then

echo “Checking if Steinberg Library Manager is installed:”
SLM="/Applications/Steinberg Library"
if [ -d “$SLM” ]; then
echo “Found Steinberg Library Manager”
echo “Default source is:” “$DEFAULT_SRC”
if [[ -d “$DEFAULT_SRC” ]]; then
echo “Starting $DEFAULT_SRC”
open -Wa “$SLM” --args
echo “ERROR: Steinberg Library Manager not found because it is most likely not installed”
exit 1
echo “"
echo "
Done! You can exit terminal now or pres cmd + q to quit. "
echo "

exit 0

Ok, I just dropped now all .vstsound files downloaded to the default folder. But this is an unprofessional delivering of software through Steinberg. BTW the link in the online manual “” just leads to the main page. Come on Steinberg please sort those things so a proper install is possible and not relying on the knowledge on how to sort things by hand.

Did they speed up patch loading by any chance? One reason I do not use GA more is the long load-times.

No idea because I never noticed this

The loading of the vst sound files to anywhere other than default boot drive (on windows) has always been funky for me. Icons don’t show up unless I create symbolic links in default location.

Glad to see the update. Price seems a little high considering what the full Cubase update typically costs.

Good time to put the expansions on sale :slight_smile:

It would be nice if someone with a Roland V-drumkit can test if GA5 is at least usable with it now, GA4 was a complete joke in that regard. I don’t dare to think about a playability like SD2 or even EZDrummer has out of the box when played through v-drums…

Sorry, but at the beginning of the Last Pilgrim Demo I can already hear the machine-gun effect on the snare…

Well the installer is a bit of a mess. Did they forget to include a content installer in the .exe file? This is not the usual Steinberg standard. Anyways, I managed to install it and it seems to work fine. Had to up the pre load to be able to load “The Kit” kits. Lots of great new stuff.

Steinberg’s content process has and continues to be challenging. I end up creating alias to make it work with an external drive, and cross my fingers that it will actually work.

I also think the update price is not proportional,.
One of the things I wished for GA5, is to have menue to choose acoustic drum elements from all included and purchased kits,as in any other drum vsti( to choose different snares,kicks hiht,etc.)
Is it possible now?

This should have been named Groove Agent 4.5 …and the upgrade price…yeeeeeek :frowning:

I have to say, this is the most frustrating product install I’ve done in a long time. I ran the installer, which installs the plugins and some of the sound content (but not all of it). I still have 31GB of sound content that somehow needs to be located somewhere and somehow registered. The Library Manager ran briefly at the end of the install. What it did, I have no idea? There’s no manual, no install guide, nothing! So here I sit, having spent $99 on an upgrade that I partially have installed, but have no clue what to do to actually get it to work. Really a disappointing experience.

“Please note: Absolute Collection customers can not update to Groove Agent 5. Please wait for the update to Absolute Collection 4 instead.”

How long does Absolute usually take to be upgraded? I recently bought Absolute 3. Coming from native instruments they usually add the individual product updates straight away into Komplete, or hold off until Komplete is upgraded. Odd that Absolute users are disadvantaged?

The key of GA5 is new Acoustic Kit named "The Kit"but unfortunately… it’s not an new recording sound from Steinberg… they bought Mixosaurus in the past, then put it in with new name :smiley:. Good job Steinberg, so disappointed… I wish Wizoo team still there… all the ""Icon"VST (The Grand, GA1,2, Hypersonic…) will be the legend.

Found the manual on-line, got through the install and it’s up and running now. Just a very time consuming and disjointed process. Off to give the GA5 a try now…

@Popskull, if you’re an Absolute 3 license holder and would like to upgrade to Groove Agent 5, I’m afraid I have bad news for you: On their website, Steinberg has announced the release of Absolute 4 for January 2019. That would be 2-3 months from now. I find it a bit awkward, that users who pay more for a product actually have to wait longer for an upgrade. But I’m sure Steinberg has a good reason for doing so.

Given the fact that GA5 doesn’t really tickle me - given what I have seen so far - I can also live with it. I will eventually upgrade, so I can continue to utilize my existent investment (e.g. all the kits I bought so far).

I decided some time ago, that if Steinberg did not seriously change their UI policy and adapt it to what we are used to in other apps, that I would seriously consider buying into SD3. I guess that’s what I will do. Considering that the time frame between GA4 and GA5 was four years, I’m not inclined to wait 4 years until we (maybe) get a post 90ies user interface. I don’t want to be cynical, but seriously, the current GA5 license should be shipped with magnifying glasses, because that’s exactly what you will need to be able to read all its minute buttons, especially on higher resolutions (which I guess is the norm today).

Here is the link to the Steinberg page (for the Absolute 4 release announcement): I have also included a screenshot.

It would make perfect sense to give customers who buy-activate the Absolute 3 collection - AN EXTENDED TRIAL OF the GROOVE AGENT 5 (UNTIL the ABS4 release) that they will get anyway with the FREE ABSOLUTE 4 UPDATE …It WOULD REALLY be fair.


COULD you PLEASE confirm the dates the Absolute 3 users are eligible for FREE update to ABSOLUTE 4.

Many thanks !!!

Before i buy GA5 , I want to try a demo version…

Why is there no try before you buy GA5 ?

When will Steinberg issue/offer a 30 day trial of GA5 ?