Groove Agent 5 Blacklisted | Fresh Windows / C10 Install

I just upgraded to Cubase 10 from 9.5. I decided to start from scratch.

I installed in this order:

Windows Fresh Install
UR-RT2 Fresh install
Elicenser Control Center (Latest)
Cubase 10 Fresh Install
Halion 6 Fresh Install
Groove Agent 5 Fresh Install
Dark Planet Fresh Install
HSO Fresh Install
Hypnotic Dance Fresh Install
Padshop Pro Fresh Install
The Grand Fresh Install
Triebwerk Fresh Install
SKI Remote Fresh Install
Zero Gravity Fresh Install
Cubasis Project Importer Fresh Install
CC121 Drivers Install


Groove Agent 5 not recognizing E-Licence

Troubleshooting steps I have taken Multiple times:

Ran Maintenance in E-Licenser Control Center
Tried Re-activating in Blacklist
Swapped USB ports on Dongle
Re-installed Groove Agent 5

Still no Go. See attachments

Nevermind. I resolved this one myself.

I had Groove Agent 4 Through Absolute Collection 3. Cubase 10 only comes with Groove Agent 5 SE.

I had downloaded Groove Agent 5 through the downloader thinking I had a licensed version, which I don’t! ha

I’m guessing I have to wait for Absolute Collection 4 to upgrade it as its WAY too pricey to update on it’s own.