Groove Agent 5 bug

I wonder if anyone experiences a bug in Groove Agent 5, when volume level of “Master” channel becomes loud by itself and stays this way for some time. Sometimes it seems to me that the level goes back to its correct level after the media in browser is rescanned, but I’m not quite sure.

I (like many out there I guess) prefer way of working where every GA pad is routed to separate Cubase Mixer channel.

Here’s how the bug usually happens: let’s say we have a GA5 instance with 3 samples on 3 pads, each sample on its own pad. Pads are routed to Master, Out 2 and Out 3 respectively. Cubase is playing back stuff from tracks. We do something in GA5, close its window, do something else in Cubase and open the GA5 window again. Suddenly we notice that the sample from the first pad is kinda loud (in my case it is always a kick). We check the mixer, but the fader position is the same as it was before. Check the GA5 – nothing changed. And then sooner or later loudness of the pad returns to its correct level.

This happens to me every now and then and is every annyoing, I keep forgeting about it and lower the kick level in the mixer, to find out later that the kick suddenly dissappeared.

If these are MIDI tracks, and are triggering GA pads, is it possible that there is control information (not just notes) that might be affecting the playback volume (or MIDI expression) of the pad?

Definitely not. Today I ran into this bug in a nearly empty new project, with parts which had nothing but notes entered in Piano Roll using mouse.

Just a guess, but in the mixer it’s possible to have both the MIDI fader (for the MIDI track triggering the pad) and the audio fader (for the GA pad output) visible simultaneously … is it possible you may have touched the MIDI fader by accident? Anything other than zero (off) and a MIDI fader will send a volume control message.

I don’t think that’s the case. If it were, the volume would not be changing back to its original value by itself. But it does, and it seems to me that it does it at the moment when I open GA5 window and it rescans its Browser view.

An interesting case! If you can find some way to get this to happen consistently (I know, that’s the challenge!) then I’d be happy to try replicate it.

What OS are you using, and what are the exact versions (in the About box) of Cubase and GA that you currently have?

I’m on Windows 10 21H2, Cubase 12.0.40 and GA 5.1.11

I use Cubase 11.0.20 build 371 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. GA5 version is

Maybe I’ll find the time to figure out how to make a screen recording with sound – then I’ll do a video demonstration of the problem.