Groove Agent 5 bugs


I just upgraded from Groove Agent 4 to Groove Agent 5. I liked the pop out on the right hand side where I can choose patterns and sets like The Kit and Nashville and such. Unfortunately it initially showed list and then flipped to All Kits and is stuck on that.

I also get this as a pop up as in Groove Agent 4, so two of the same.

The Kit seems very empty of patterns. I notice on install of the 31Gb of content only 23Gb installed. Also the right hand panel doesn’t allow previews of patterns. It maybe just be the rather opaque GA4 interface seems to have stuck.

Alas I’m not too impressed so far. Hopefully there’s a fix.

Any suggestions much appreciated.



Steinbergs installers are a mess.

I’ve purchased most of the extra kits and the Funk only installs the SE kits. Frustrating .
I hope a moderator drops by to help you.