Groove Agent 5 Content does not appear in Library Manager

Hi there.

I just downloaded Groove Agent 5 Content (30 Giga) and wanted to move it with the Library Manager to my extern SSD, where all the other content is. But I cannot find the GA5 Content in the LM. I can see everything else (Simon Phillips etc.) but not the GA5 Content. Is this normal, or is there an issue?

As 30 Giga is a lot, I would like to move it to the SSD. How can I proceed?

I use an iMac and Cubase 12 Pro.

Thanks a lot!

Just installed HALion 6 Content (30 Giga). The same as with the GA5 Content. Does not appear in LM… Maybe it’s so obvious, or this question was so often treated, why nobody answers? :slight_smile:

Hi , you may of downloaded them but have you installed them ? it will say in the SDM whether they are installed , if not you need to install them