Groove agent 5 - content not working

I purchased Groove Agent 5 as the Simon Phillips Jazz Drums set did not work in SE 5 (working with Cubase 11 Pro).

I still cannot get them to work in GA5 nor GA-SE 5. This page on Steinberg suggests that it should work in SE5

Do I need to purchase a different licence?

Any help appreciated!

What does this mean? What happend?

If you purchased the license for Simon Phillips Jazz Drums it should be available.

Simon Philips Jazz Drums is a paid add-on. It will work in Groove Agent 5 SE or Groove Agent 5, but you do need a licence, which can be purchased here (click).

Many thanks for swift replies and solving the conundrum!

It was not very clear on the website. I think having so much additional content/apps available on the Download Manager was also very unhelpful.


If some content is not on the Download Assistant page for a product you own then you almost always need a separate licence for it.

Groove Agent 5 includes a lot more content than Groove Agent 5 SE; in my opinion, it is an upgrade well worth having. However, the premium add-ons, such as the Simon Philips kits, are paid add-ons no matter what version you own.

Thanks, David.
I have been using Cubase 5 for many years and this upgrade is very different. Need to use tutorials and helpful friends to get going! Will persevere.

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