Groove Agent 5 crashes Cubase 12.0.52 every time and Steinberg doesn't have a real support

There’s been loads of people posting reproduction , you only have to enable individual outputs and use the GA browser to load preset’s , normally any more than 4 tries will cause the computer to freeze and this is on both of my machines , Steinberg have the crash dumps . I WAS using GA constantly for it’s rendering individual outputs so moving from very stable 50 to 52 to find out something broken is rather annoying

Took me about 30 tries enabling/disabling outputs and swapping through presets, but I managed to get it to occur on Mac too. Tried twice too, so your instructions certainly work to replicate it - even if it’s a little random.

Cubase just instantly poop out and closed.

Luckily i’ve not hit this issue in normal use. But would like to add confirmation of the issue here to help those who this is a bigger problem for, it reminds me very much of the issue(s) in HALion 7 where you click on certain areas and it just craps out in the same way - but you can replicate that in the standalone too, I don’t know if this GA issue replicates standalone?

I’m guessing not as you’ve identified .52 as being a link.

Not good at all, really… Two flagship premium plugins both shitting out on us. :frowning:

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Nope .
Glad in a way you managed to reproduce it , everything was fine until the 51 mess up (well for me anyway ) but now it is completely untrustworthy . It’s is just in Cubase , stand alone works fine , i have a feeling they have broken something to be able to move the MR forward , but thats no consolation when you used GA5se EVERYDAY

Sorry Ski just to add , i don’t come to the forum to complain unless ive tried everything in my 23 years of Pc building and Cubase (pc wise ) experience to solve a problem , i use Cubase everyday , i think in 32 /3 years i might of had a couple of months off ( seriously ) so when something does break i’ll fix it or have a work around but GA5 has now become to volatile to even want to try and load it , you can run GA5se all day with the preset’s you have made and save with the project already loaded but use ANY of the media bays and it’s , well as you found out yesterday and this is why im a little red round the gills with this Midi Remote , if Steinberg intend to regress parts of the software to move things forward then they should at least tell us that there’s a possible change that X might not work until … Not just release 50 , (very stable but the MR was broken ) release 51 (because of the cock up ) release 52 IN A RUSH to fix the the new toy without checking to see what else they might of broken . That i could live with , make preps and work arounds but half started projects i now have to leave until afix comes out , is that 1 day like the MR ? pppfft no chance 1/2/3/4 months ?
Im just trying to explain why im so pee’d about the MR getting all the attention , i mean the Midi note alinement break was NOT a mistake , they knew what was going to happen but still released it and that was one of the most basic things Steinberg made there name on .
Anyway coffee time , i really hope they jump on this as i do use GA like other a lot for slicing and rendering to induvial tracks . All that’s on hold .
Have a great day fella

Oh I totally understand why you’d take that opinion, anything that breaks or crashes in this way should receive priority above tweaks in other areas. I mean, they’re probably different staff working on MR vs GA so it’s probably not so simply a this vs that thing - but I do get your frustrations.

For me, it was more of a case of seeing you post about this issue on other threads, and I just wasn’t aware of the issue which I was I asked more specifically how to replicate it.

I only skip through the forum so it’s hard to keep tabs on what the real issues are, but this seems like something that easily goes under the radar - so the more people posting here and keeping this at the top of the page the better as far as i’m concerned.

I tried GA in Reaper last night and it doesn’t crash, which isn’t a good look for Steinberg either. It’d be nice if they maintained a “known issues” document somewhere so at least users know that issues like this are being investigated.

Did you hear back from the crash dumps you sent on?

Yes i heard back , both computers were to do with graphics trying to reach GA , Steinberg will never tell you the facts just offer ‘try this’ but i’m sure they are on the case .
‘Corrupt project could not save’ ( crash dump ) MORE DUMPS ADDED - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

I am having the same issue on 2 computers with the latest Cubase 12 and GA5, both on Ventura 13.2.1. A Mac Studio and MacBook Pro. Seems when switching presets in GA5 Cubase goes down.

I submitted the crash logs from each computer to Steinberg support. They did say it looked like Groove Agent was the cause of the crash.

I was suspecting use of the dongle as the issue, or perhaps use of the dongle with the expansion libraries, but I may be wrong.

Is anyone else using a dongle, or is this also happening without the dongle?

Without here. And i tried with GA5, not GASE - so seems both editions of the plugin too.

Thank you. That helps. I was uninstalling and reinstalling clean with the same result, thinking I missed something.

Looks like we have to wait for a fix.

There was a new version of MediaBay released in the past few days. It might be worth running Steinberg Download Assistant, letting all auto-updates install (which should update MediaBay), installing any other updates offered, and trying again. Does the problem still happen?


Mr W
You have made my day , I have been trying for the last half an hour to get groove agent to crash with loading individual outs , loading 1/2/3 GA’s swapping presets , loaded loops , sliced , added induvial outs rendering ,rendered 5/6 times and will it crash ???

NOOOOOOOOO :upside_down_face: :heart: :+1:

One problem still persists and that is if you assign the drum pads via the main page to an individual out then those drums can only be rendered once but the work around is to render by assigning via the pad instead .
Will do some more testing but already this is very good news this end

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Hi David,

Yes, I am still experiencing the crash. The crash always occurs when changing kits.

I believe there is something wrong with the USB dongle license support. But I don’t know.
I am ready to try the SEL licenses instead.

What I have done is removed everything Steinberg from the Mac Studio. Then reinstalled everything using the download manager. The media bay update was done as well.

Here are the crash reports.

Cubase 12-2023-03-24-021504.ips (63.2 KB)

I got Groove Agent to stop crashing.

What I did was remove Groove Agent 5 SE and Halion Sonic SE. I have the full versions, so I figured why not.

Initially I made sure not to install them or their content with the Download Manager. But I still was getting the crash.

So I searched the Library and found and removed the SE VSTs, the dependency files, (Groove Agent SE 5.dependencies) and (HALionSonic.dependencies) and any other files titled Groove Agent SE and Halion Sonic SE.

This is the first time I have been able to go though all the stock Groove Agent 5 kits, all my paid expansion kits and back and forth using the all agents media bay without crashing.

So maybe there is/was something corrupt in the SE stuff.

It worked for me. Something to try anyways. I usually don’t go hacking, but I was desperate. The crash logs seemed to indicate a license check issue, so I figured, start hacking out stuff to see what it is. The SE stuff was the first on the chopping block. And that seemed to work for me. :slight_smile:

I do not recommend this method. Groove agent IS working for me now though.

This is good to hear as the Media bay update really has sorted out the issues i was having before , strange how the mediabay affected so much but , a day pressure testing and everything’s fine . Did you download any updates in the download manager ?

I did do the updates in the download manager on both of my Mac computers, but that did not do it for me. I still had the crash when changing kits after the updates.

This was 2 new installations on 2 new Mac computers, a MacBook and Mac Studio. I can only speculate what was happening because I am not a software troubleshooter.

It appears there was some kind of a license check issue on my end. From what I gathered from the logs, it looked like the license check was aimed at an incorrect path. Or perhaps it was seeing one thing and not the other, like the SE version and not the full version. Heck I don’t know.

Taking out the following files seemed to cure the issue for me. I don’t know if it can help others. The result for me is that the latest Halion 7 and Groove Agent 5 are now working with Ventura 13.2.1 (Native) with Cubase 12.0.52.

Again, I don’t recommend hacking out files. But this method worked on my end since I am using the full versions of Halion 7 and Groove Agent 5.

I’m afraid it’s still crashing BUT this was with 4 instances of GA5se open with 32 individual tracks

Cubase 64bit 2023.3.24 (1.5 MB)

Yeah, seems like some sort of an “invalid pointer read”. I was having a similar issue on Mac, but I have no idea if the issue is related.

The crash for me would happen when switching kits. Not every kit, but on certain kits, it would crash. I have no idea which ones.

Yep i was having similar but the mediabay has been a vast improvement , the crash dump does mention about graphics and framework again but it’s taken 4 instances to break it instead of just loading once from the browser .
I have an open case with Steinberg tech anyway so this has been reported

I have a case open as well. It will get sorted out.
I do welcome all the updates. It is worth the growing pains IMO.

Well support say mine was cause by an Exitdll , told me to do this then closed the ticket :upside_down_face: :rofl: :joy: He must be pretty confident it will work lol